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Room and Body Mists

Room and Body Mists


Our Room and Body Mist is so natural & pure that it only contains three ingredients that are safe to use anywhere. Mist bedsheets in the morning before you make the bed & snuggle in at night for a calming sensory experience. Think outside the box & mist the ceiling fan! Keep a bottle in the fridge for a cool quick mist on the face or neck. Mist the entry to greet guests with a fresh, welcoming scent. Use it inside your car or while ironing. Possibilities are endless which makes it a favorite with our customers. Our Room and Body Mist is aromatherapy in its truest form.  (8 oz bottle)


    Eucalyptus Lavender - Eucalyptus supports clear breathing & lavender eases feelings of tension & anxiety.


    Gardenia - A little goes a long way. Gardenia will take you all the way to paradise & it will lift your mood!


    Lavender - Spray this on your pillow & have sweet dreams!


    Orange Blossom - This recipe was literally created under our blooming orange tree for an authentic aroma. It smells like an early Spring walk through a blooming orange grove with the perfect essential oil combination of blossom & citrus.


    Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Essential/Fragrance

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