Our Products

These are the lollapalooza of all soap! We include organic, natural ingredients such as blue cornflowers or volcanic sand, and an ample amount of essential oil. If you want a large, long lasting bar, this is the soap for you. You will make a clean get away!

Sea sponges have more benefits than we can count! A sea sponge is an invertebrate that is sustainably harvested from the ocean floor. Harvesting them actually proliferates the sponge forest. They are completely natural, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, & they contain minerals that are good for your skin. They easily produce lather, so you will use less soap & it will last longer. Join us in our love for sea sponges & how they benefit our earth! 

All of our soaps are hand crafted in small batches & these 4 oz bars are shaped to fit perfectly in your hand. They contain a generous amount of essential oil for a full bodied aromatic experience. There are 9 scents to choose from & each one has a matching lotion. Lather up!

Bring the spa home into your own bathroom with our original shower steamers! The moisture from your shower releases the oils into the air creating a steamy, aromatic, & positively blissful experience. Breathe deeply & reap the benefits of aromatherapy in it’s truest form. You will love our long lasting shower steamers!

Our lotion delivers a luscious moisture boost that is easily absorbed. It will leave your skin smooth & silky, not greasy or overly perfumed. This lotion is 100% vegan and paraben, sulfate, phosphate, gluten & cruelty free. There are 11 scents to choose from & each one has a matching soap. Get your lotion on & nourish your mind, body & soul!

A therapeutic blend of mineral salts & botanicals paired with healing oils for a skin softening aroma enhanced bath. Sprinkle half of the contents into warm water. Mineral salts will reduce muscle & joint inflammation as the flowers surround you with natural nutrients.

Our linen spray is so natural & pure that it only contains three ingredients which are safe to use anywhere. Spray on bedsheets in the morning before you make the bed & snuggle in at night for a calming sensory experience. Think outside the box & spray the ceiling fan! Keep a bottle in the fridge for a cool quick spray on face or neck. Spray entry to greet guests with a fresh, welcoming scent. Use inside your car or while ironing. Possibilities are endless which makes it a favorite with our customers. Our linen spray is aromatherapy in its truest form.

Salt water bathing not only moisturizes the skin, it also relieves muscle pain & soreness. Bath salts possess minerals & nutrients that rejuvenate skin & make it soft & supple. Add a scoop or two to your bath water & reap the benefits!

Not your grandmothers sachets! These are packed with a powerful punch of essential oil mixed with organic botanicals for long lasting aroma. Put them in your drawer, car, suitcase, closet, locker or any small space that needs refreshening!

Tub Teas contain organic flowers and bath salts. They make a thoughtful gift tucked into a birthday card, or, to treat yourself, simply hang the tub tea from your bath spout and fill the tub. The botanicals and salts will infuse your water naturally softening and scenting. Botanicals stay in the tea bag so there’s nothing to clog your drain. One Tub Tea is good for two baths.

Got goat milk? Cleoptra did! Goat milk deeply hydrates the skin and also helps exfoliate, which leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Dead sea salt is purifying and offers the body the mineral magnesium. The essentail oils and organic botanicals provide aromatherapy. Add 1/3 cup to a warm bath for a positively alluring experience.

Our essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade and provide natural aromatherapy. Essential oils can transform the way you manage your health. The benefits of essential oils are endless and life changing.