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Salt Soaks

Salt Soaks


(3.5 oz reusable glass tubes w/cork lid)


    Breathe - The fresh scent of spearmint, juniper, sage & eucalyptus oils promote deep, clear breathing. Black Hawaiian Sea Salt with activated charcoal is incredibly detoxifying & purifying, and the spearmint leaves will clarify. Just breathe.

    Calm - The earthy soothing scent of chamomile & lavender oils will calm your mind while the chamomile & lavender flowers soothe your body. Quiet. Comfort. Calm.

    Energize - Citrus oils of grapefruit & orange will awaken your senses. Red Alaea salt is rich in minerals & traditionally used to cleanse, purify & heal. Pink Himalayan salt will recharge your body & boost metabolism. Calendula & safflowers will restore & energize.

    Joy - Freesia & jasmine oils will lighten your spirit while the dead sea salt softens your skin & soothes sore muscles. Take delight as jasmine & heather flowers mingle in your bath water bringing you joy.

    Love - Sandalwood & rose oils combine for a warm romantic scent. Himalayan Pink Salt causes body organs to resonate with the natural frequency of the minerals, triggering its self healing powers. Rose petals will envelop you with love.

    Peace - Musky spicy patchouli oil will awaken your spirituality & fill you with inner peace. The activated charcoal in Black Hawaiian Sea Salt will detoxify & purify while the blue cornflower petals surround you with peace.


    Ingredients: Sea Salts, Organic Botanicals, Essential/Fragrance Oils.

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