Sea Sponges & Loofahs


Sea Sponges & Loofahs

  • Aloha - Smell ripe island fruit & feel the aloha spirit of love, peace, & compassion.

    Beach House - Step out of your beach house onto the sand & catch the smell of the ocean shore on a gentle breeze.

    Driftwood - Pure cedar essential oil has a wonderfully woody aroma. It is beneficial in dealing with many skin conditions.

    Hang Loose - Fresh, light & exhilarating. The perfect wave!

    Seagrass - Sweet, green, earthy smell of freshly cut grass.

    Feet Relief - Both cucumber & spearmint essential oils have cooling, revitalizing, & anti inflammatory properties. We put a slice of loofah right in this soap. What better way to treat tired feet after a long day?

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