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Total Bliss

Total Bliss


These are the lollapalooza of Ojai soap! We include organic, natural ingredients such as blue cornflowers or volcanic sand and an ample amount of essential oil. This is the soap for you if you want a large, long-lasting bar. You will make a clean getaway!  Approx. 7oz bar


    Black Sand Beach - Our best-selling soap has volcanic black sand for gentle exfoliation. The scent is a walk along the shore in the salty air.


    Flower Child - We add blue cornflowers & freesia oils to this beautiful soap. Your free spirit will love how it smells!


    Lavender - Pure Lavender essential oil & organic lavender flower buds. Motherload.


    Ojai Chai - This aroma will give you a sense of warmth and fragrance, like sipping on a chai latte on a cool day near a warm hearth.


    Ojai Latte - Deliciously comforting with ground coffee beans for an invigorating exfoliant.


    Ojai Orange Blossom Scrub - This recipe was literally created under our blooming orange tree for an authentic aroma. It smells like an early Spring walk through a blooming orange grove with the perfect essential oil combination of blossom & citrus. We added dried orange peel for natural exfoliation. Get this large 6.5 oz bar while they last!


    Sandalwood Scrub - Sandalwood is known to calm your mind & body so you can find inner peace. It has a deep woody scent with rich, soft & sweet accents. We add blackberry seeds for natural exfoliation. Relinquish yourself to the power of nature.


    Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut & Sustainable Palm, Essential/Fragrance Oils, Sodium Lactate, Organic Botanicals and Ojai Sunshine.

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